Swipe the card past pressed lips – declined
To the Bank where cold love passes Heir to Heir
This client with neat suit and firm tie doesn’t mind.

The code to childhood secrets has been reassigned?
Imaginary friends guard the vaults, unaware
that swiping the card past folded arms means – declined

You withdrew, your funds left unsigned
Exchange rates left me in debt; still well I fare
This client with warm suit and loose tie doesn’t mind.

The Bank collects interest, but not in us. I find
The account is frozen like your frown – but why compare?
Swipe the card past downward eyes – declined

This is the winter when thieves prowl blind
And imaginary friends take bribes – fair?
This client with thin suit and worn tie doesn’t mind.

The Bank is closed on Sundays, intentions left maligned
At last, the Great Heist! How the sirens blare!
Swipe the card past cold lips – declined
This client with black suit and tie doesn’t mind.