Many people know me as the creator of A/B Street, but more generally, I’m somebody who enjoys twisting both words and spaces far from their intended use. I’ve dabbled in academic research and the tech industry, but neither fit well. This is a place for me to share other things I do outside of my main work.

I zipline down clothes-lines where disbelief hangs suspended to dry, and I remind children (and their parents) to play outside instead of just walking back to the car. I enjoy methodically becoming lost in familiar streets, and I am terrified of urban cliff-diving. I win the trust of angry German shepherds with my eagerness to roll in the mud, and I can out-bark the fiercest of poodles. I did not drink water until I was 18. I can lick my elbow, contort into the most awkward of dry-suits in seconds, and I appear to be incapable of rolling my ankles. I’ve horrified Serbians with my propensity for consuming sugar, bewildered joggers with my ability to see the invisible lava on the ground, and persuaded friends to overflow a kayak. I glissade down avalance chutes and crab-walk up stairs. I’ve shamelessly stolen my gravy recipes from non-Louisianian Southerners. I grew bored of videogames years ago, but still design levels and draw maps. I’ve been the quietest person in a room full of the socially awkward, yet I start games of Mao with strangers. I have had my heart broken by sociopaths, my collarbone fractured by dehydration, and my wrist infected by the bacteria of Freeway Park.

But I have not yet perplexed you, my dear reader.