I invite you to blur these lines and their in-betweens with a
calculated imprecision.

consider cartesian doubt
plotted on a master-mind’s plane
byzantine demons creeping along one axis to meet
fever dreams melting along the other.

please, i’m a hidden markov model detective
with gumshoe charm and houdini lines
here to disclaim and completely and utterly malevolently maim
any thoughts any priors any suppositions
you had with regards to the whereabouts of your mind
you’ll find, i expect, it is tucked away quite firmly in my waistcoat pocket
alongside the watch you failed to break last tuesday.
i’ll quash these disputes with the rigorous muscle of the scientific method,
and tie the ends cliff-hanging with this chain of inference!

can’t we do away with these polysyllabic obfuscations,
these Bayesian riddles, tedious formalisms, hokey pokey models?
just give it to me straight, Doc:
what if you raised somebody to never know death?