on the third day, strange new shapes appeared on the horizon
all of society squinted, but found no right angles to approach it.
the invisible systems of the great human colossus creaking, crumbling, collapsing
this new entity, would it speak a strange new language? communicate at all?

the typical currencies of my heart, now subject to inflation
my inner economies quickening like a pulse
muscles trading loosenings and contractions furiously, exchanging sensations and sensors
different layers of middle management speculating about the distances,
insurance salesmen slyly inching up their quotes about the gap.

it was foretold, and there shall be a muscle clenching and a wiping of shoe
but spare me the dramatic countdown.
at last, the Great Heist! how the sirens blared.

and finally, all my societies of mind and body
shrieked, united, enveloped fear.
I lunged forward, exploded off my right leg [1], and

and –

First contact

[1] alternate reading: extended my right hand