some choice words for my archway nemesis
(you know who you are)

keep right except to pass
i’m weaving tall tales through these stalled cars
your lyrical engine chokes
you’re blinded by my shimono spokes
stuck recombining puns from tv tropes
“cyclist, spare a moment?” nope

take note as i
tabulate all the wasted years
aggregate all perked up ears
emasculate any remaining peers
as we
paginate past last years mere frontiers
vaccinate against unfounded fears
validate your dumbfounded tears
masticate the kitchen souvenirs
dilapidate and deprecate the obfuscated candidates
applicate a functor engineers
cannot approximate
without a couple beers

Hey, transhumanist preaching to the choir!
my electrodes my diodes balancing loads
of packets you cant predict
I’d sample your pleading in my remix
but you’re trying to claim your pain
all rights are reserved
thats why i dole out the wrongs for free

and grad-u-ly I learn to take
lighter steps, fast-fall and stunt the
hovering that otherwise tries to be.
Start to heist and bug,
race unconditionally,
bypassing fast-twitch muscle atrophy.
learn to one-two, left-right,
a foot partner with a shoe,
i commit it to heart
cause there aint no rollbacks in muscle memory.

now i’m running low on the rations in my rationality
though i may seem to be hiccuping prophetically
am i really a peripheral visionary?
I contact you later – now, begone, this halfassed mercernary.